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    What is the G - Move?

    The G-Move is a device used on the legs to improve muscle recovery and function. Using an approach called active pressotherapy, the G-Move applies either constant or intermittent pressure to the upper and lower legs whilst you perform rehabilitation exercises. This pressure has various effects, including:

    • Improved drainage of fluid in the legs, leading to reduced feelings of heaviness in the legs;
    • Improved blood flow and circulation to the legs, leading to better functioning and recovery of the muscles;
    • Increased proprioception, meaning you have more feedback from your lower body, allowing you to have a better idea of where your legs are and what they are doing, improving your strength, mobility and balance.

    The G-move can also be used for muscle training by applying higher pressures which temporarily restrict the blood flow to the muscles (termed occlusion therapy) during exercise, causing greater muscle activity and strength benefits, whilst reducing the risk of injury and increasing the rate of recovery after exercise.

    Your Physiotherapist will determine the most appropriate pressures for you at assessment based on your goals and your presentation and the G-Move can then be used to boost the effectiveness of your exercise rehabilitation sessions, potentially leading to faster recovery, stronger muscles, improved balance and ultimately, improved physical function.

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