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  • TeleRehab

    Rehabilitation from the comfort of your own home.

  • TeleRehab

    Access to expert physiotherapy from the comfort of your own home.

    Maximising Independence with TeleRehab

    Rehab from the comfort of your own home via on-line physio support

    What is TeleRehab?

    TeleRehab allows individuals to remotely access rehabilitation within their home environment, under the supervision of a highly qualified Neurological Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist.

    Our physiotherapist will be able to have eyes on you throughout your consultation, which enables them to provide expert advice, guided exercise and feedback, to ensure you are continuing to meet your rehabilitation goals.

    PhysioFunction are passionate about continuing to support individuals to maximise their independence following life changing events, such as stroke, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury and other neurological conditions.

    TeleRehab is a form of remote rehabilitation which uses a tablet, phone or webcam enabled computer with internet access. The process uses a video conferencing, which allows your Physiotherapist to see you and communicate with you throughout your consultation.

    PhysioFunction use Zoom for all Telerehab sessions. Zoom is a free application which you can download onto your phone or tablet, or access via the internet.

    It is a safe and secure means of communication.

    TeleRehab options include:

    • 1:1 New client physiotherapy or sports therapy assessments 
    • 1:1 Physiotherapy or sport therapy TeleRehab sessions 
    • TeleNeurofit  – a small group exercise class lead by a physiotherapist
    • TeleRehab with the MindMotion™ GO

    What will happen during my TeleRehab session?

    All clients will receive a free initial support session to get set up and running on Zoom and prepared for their first TeleRehab session. We want to make TeleRehab accessible to all, so if you are interested but need additional support, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you get set up. 

    Although your physiotherapist will not be able to provide “hands-on” therapy within the TeleRehab session, they will be able to provide specialist assessment and analysis of your movement patterns. They will provide individualised treatment plans, which may include things such as exercises, stretches, self-massage techniques, provide specialist feedback and recommendations. Our physiotherapists can also work with you, your carers and/or loved ones in your household, to provide education and training on how they can support you with your rehabilitation at this time.

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