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    MindMotion™ GO - available at our Northamptonshire Clinic

    MindMotion™ GO engages and motivates clients in their daily clinic rehabilitation with attractive therapeutic games for upper and lower limb training as well as hand and trunk. Some functional activities includes "reach" "grasp" "bimanual gestures" "coordination" "balance control" and "gait training".

    MindMotion™ GO devices can be integrated in different phases of rehabilitation to facilitate independent therapy training. By choosing different activity components, MindMotion™ GO sessions can be tailored to fit each client's unique needs and offer training possibilities throughout their rehabilitation journey.

    MindMotion™ GO is the only virtual reality solution that covers continuum of care in neuro rehabilitation.

    Available to use at our outpatient clinic in Northampton or clients can rent their own MindMotion GO device for use at home.

    Arm & Hand Rehabilitation

    Understand more about the:

    • Technology available for arm & hand rehabilitation.
    • Benefits of using technology as part of your rehabilitation.
    • TeleRehabilitation - MindMotion GO

      What is TeleRehabilitation?

      TeleRehabilitation is a combination of physio-supported virtual therapy sessions with video games using MindMotion GO.

      The TeleRehabilitation programme enables our clients to access therapy from the comfort of their own home whilst being continuously supported remotely by our neurological physiotherapists or physiotherapy assistants via a video call.

      The programme uses engaging video game activities that have been developed by neuroscientists and designed to promote specific therapeutic movement; helping our clients improve motor function and maximise their recovery potential following a stroke.

      Technological equipment required.

      Wifi and a TV are required to connect to the MindMotion™ GO. The device is simple and intuitive to set-up; however, our team are on hand to help with any technical issues if they arise. Access to an i-pad or laptop will be needed for the physio led therapy sessions via video call.

      TeleRehabilitation is fully supported by PhysioFunction neurological physiotherapists. Depending on client needs and goals, therapy programmes will include a combination of remote therapy with direct support from one of our neurological physiotherapists or physiotherapy assistants as well as exercise activities for you to undertake independently.

      What is MindMotion GO and how does it work?

      Leveraging state-of -the-art neuroscience, the MindMotion™ GO is a medical software device that can easily plug into a home TV. The device is able to follow body movement using motion tracking cameras, so handsets are not required when engaging in post stroke exercise activities. On-screen, the wide range of therapeutic games provide motivating environments that encourage movement, strengthen muscles and help improve balance and co-ordination.

      Benefits of TeleRehabilitation

      • Allows clients to exercise after stroke safely at home with physio support.
      • Helps clients to maintain health wellbeing, prevent muscle tightness and de-conditioning.
      • Physio support combined with MindMotion Go helps with motivation levels and enables rehabilitation at home.
      • Can be combined with clinic treatment to ensure ongoing rehabilitation.
      • Supports recovery after stroke and can be used in treatment for Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's.

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