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    Neurofit is an exercise therapy aimed at Stroke survivors, Head Injury or Spinal Cord Injury clients but it can also help prevent further damage in progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson's or Multiple Sclerosis. The sessions are aimed at maximising your fitness and strength. PhysioFunction's Neurofit sessions are run by a professional fitness trainer together with an expert Neurological Physiotherapist, and sports-therapist to ensure exercises are safe and effective.

    Each session will involve a warm up followed by a carefully planned group exercise, which varies each week to include circuit exercises, group work, or target based exercises. Each participant can work at their own pace and with it being a small group, our Physiotherapist, fitness instructor and sports therapist can provide support and one-to-one assistance if necessary.

    How to take part in NeuroFit

    If you would like to take part in our Neurofit classes, you will need to be medically stable, able to stand and walk alone and get up from the floor independently or with minimal assistance. Everyone who joins the class we be assessed beforehand, which means that the programme will be tailored towards your individual range of movements. The initial assessment will also include measurements related to your movement and mobility.

    Our classes have a maximum of 10 participants, meaning that our Neurofit Instructors are able to focus on you and your individual needs. At the end of the course you will be reassessed to show any changes in your mobility and function. Ultimately, it's about getting fitter, moving better, and most importantly, having fun in a supportive group environment.

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