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  • Cerebral Palsy

    • Cerebral Palsy

      Cerebral Palsy is a condition of the brain and nervous system. It is caused by abnormal development or injury that occurs in the developing brain of a baby during pregnancy, birth or as a young child. The affected area of the brain is unable to form the correct instructions and messages to send to the related area of the body for appropriate activity or movement.

    • How PhysioFunction can help with Cerebral Palsy

      Firstly, PhysioFunction will conduct a physiotherapy assessment that will focus on what particular muscles or parts of the body are affected and how these impairments affect function and lifestyle. The aim of therapy is to increase the person’s independence and well being.

      Neurological Physiotherapy will be provided in a range of forms depending on the individual’s needs. PhysioFunction use a combination of hands-on physiotherapy, rehabilitation technology, hydrotherapy and exercise which help to can strengthen muscles. These may be part of a home exercise programme that need to be completed regularly.

      Neurological Physiotherapy for Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation helps to support or improve postures in a range of positions, which will have a positive and can improve core stability strength. This will often assist people to be more stable and therefore have more controlled movements of their body and limbs.

      In addition to hands on therapy, we are leading experts in the use of technology. Electrical stimulation is sometimes used during treatment. This is where electrodes are placed on the body to use very small amounts of electrical stimulation to trigger specific muscles to work and is particularly useful where the brain finds it very difficult to achieve the muscle contraction itself.

      Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is using electrical stimulation for a functional purpose. This can be used on the lower leg to help the foot lift up when stepping the leg forward, making walking easier and the individual more independent.

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